The centrepiece of our tourism venture, the Cable Car presents the most energy-efficient, respectful and exciting mode of accessible transport to reach the top.




Entirely located on private land, the first section of your journey begins at Cascade. Twenty 8-seater Gondolas will ferry visitors 1km into the foothills to our proposed mid-station park.



From the mid-station to the pinnacle, a spectacular Aerial Tramway is proposed to traverse 3.5km across Wellington Park, consisting of 2 spacious cabins with just 2 support pylons.

 Typical 8-seater Gondola from same supplier

Typical 8-seater Gondola from same supplier

Continually running like escalators, gondolas help eliminate queues on even our busiest projected days. These systems slow to a crawl within the terminal and offer seamless flush-floor loading for bikes, prams and wheelchairs.

Each Gondola will feature an audio tour available in a variety of languages, providing an interpretative story-telling experience of the Hobart Rivulet's early history and the ruthless Brewery founder Peter Degraves who tried to monopolise its supply.

Specialised gondolas will feature easy-clean floors for muddy mountain bikes, whilst premium cabins with luxury seating and full-glass floors will offer the more daring visitor a memorable, 'floating above the canopy' experience. Candle-lit dinners for two can also be arranged on special occasions, such as Valentine's day.

See how gondolas provide a unique perspective in Europe:

 MWCC 'Skytram' preliminary design

MWCC 'Skytram' preliminary design

Counterbalanced and synchronised, one tram arrives at the summit as the other returns to the mid-station. Offering the most energy-efficient way to scale height, the weight of the descending tram helps pulls the ascending one up.

Each Skytram is staffed by a Cabin Master, who, as tour guide have the important role of ensuring visitors feel welcome and leave knowing just a little more of the mountain's story. and will be fully-trained in first-aid and security.

Spacious enough for school and tour groups, weddings and special events, these custom-designed cabins feature an outdoor balcony that always faces the city views, a glass-bottomed floor and wrap-around floor-to-ceiling glazing to truly create a memorable, family-friendly experience for visitors of all ages and ability.

Meet one of Table Mountain Aerial Cableway's Cabin Masters:

 The Skytrams pass each other at the halfway point on their journey.

The Skytrams pass each other at the halfway point on their journey.

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