MWCC has set itself a promise of allocating close to half a million dollars of revenue per annum towards charitable and social programs. Here's a taste:


In the first few years, MWCC"s community fund will be focused on mountain-centric programs. For example, years of consultation have made us privy to the plight of both bushwalkers and mountain-bike riders sharing trails in Wellington Park; the ever-constant threat and danger of collision for both recreational groups has often made trying to enjoy the park a stressful one.

MWCC seek to co-fund upgrades to a raft of walking and bike-riding trails within Wellington Park, including the design and installation of dedicated trails to ensure each recreational group can once again breathe easy.



The mountain's story is so intrinsic to Hobart's heritage and reason to exist. Nowhere in the country can students learn about the alpine environment hands-on, within minutes of a capital city.


We believe every Tasmanian student deserves to learn more about the world and fragile environment we live in.

Once operational, MWCC pledge to subsidise 100% of the cost for school excursions to the summit and back. This includes the employment of dedicated and trained educational officers to conduct the half-day alpine excursion tailored for years K-12.

This pledge extends to every school in Tasmania. Every Principal will be given the choice to select one year group each year to learn the history, engineering, cultural, ecology and climatology this incredible location offers, on us.

Thanks to our friends at the Table Mountain Aerial Cableway Company, (TMACC) Cape Town, South Africa for demonstrating how valued this program is.



Naturally, we've already been approached by various outdoor and recreational event organisers for sponsorship. Once operational, we'll endeavour to assist organisers promote the mountain and run their event as smoothly as possible, with contributions in cash and in-kind support, such as providing logistics for freight, equipment, volunteers and spectators.