YOU HAVE spokeN, we have listened.

In 2012/13, You told us 'what you want and did not want' through our Local Values & Opinions Survey. Your input became the building blocks of our business model. In 2014, we launched the Preliminary Proposal and sought your feedback again, which we crafted our design brief on.

In 2018, we revealed the Full Proposal with detailed plans for your review. Over two months, August and September we received over 8000 feedback forms between our online and physical Display Centre at Brooke Street Pier on Hobart’s waterfront. We thank everyone for their honest input and investment to make this the best proposal possible.

We’ve considered your final feedback in have now lodged our Development Application. You can still explore the official details here:


"Congratulations. Enjoyed the launch. Very good to see a proposal that has been thought right through, rather than the half-baked propositions of the past. Please remember that a lot of Tasmanian 'small investors' would be interested in having a stake!"

- P. Kregor, Hobart

Keep the faith, and please build the Cable Car ! This Tourism project will by far surpass any other Tourism venture currently in Tasmania......easily !  Let's all make it happen .

J Gourlay

Plenty of mainland interest. I've just returned from 3 months caravanning in eastern states and the overwhelming comments seem to be along the lines of "why is it taking so long "and "would be a major reason for visiting Tasmania."

K Coppleman

I was lucky enough to visit Hobart and Mt Wellington in June 2015.  Hobart is a beautiful place. A cable car ride up the mountain would just have 'topped' it off. Breathtaking views and fun at the same time..

C McWhirter, Tapping WA

This project is a must for Hobart and Tasmania. Tourism is life blood for the State. The iconic Mt Wellington is such a huge tourist draw card, enjoys large visitor numbers and must be provided with top quality world class facilities. The road access has limitations, is subject to closures and has inherent safety issues. A comprehensively researched cable car alternative that takes in all the issues such as the one being put forward is a "Blind Freddie" answer. I fully support the project and recommend it be given high priority by all agencies.

J Hammersley, West Hobart

After visiting Tasmania for the past 6 years, I have now relocated to Hobart, and even though I still feel like a tourist myself, I have many visitors who really love to go to Mt Wellington as their first point of interest. I heard of the Cable Car project over a year ago and am very interested in seeing this project completed. I can see from the many visitors to Hobart who request to see the amazing view from Mt Wellington are constant, including the President of China on his visit to Tasmania. What a wonderful project the cable car would offer tourism and enhance the visitor experience to this soon to be "Elite State" of Australia.

G Forder, Sandy Bay

This development is long overdue for Hobart. Having ridden on many cable cars in Europe and New Zealand, I am aware of the negligable impact these modes of transport have on the environment. Mt. Wellington is purported to be the second most visited location by tourists in Tasmania. It is inconceivable to me that an attraction of this magnitude does not offer any facilities of any kind to the tourist. I feel embarrassed when I take overseas visitors up the mountain now, so a cable car and a modern restaurant where the view can be enjoyed in warmth and comfort can not come soon enough!

H Vojacek, Hobart

Do not let the 'not in my back yard' which are in a great minority stop this proposal that is badly needed in Hobart. We have been controlled by these individuals for far to long. This state was once progressive with development that were only dreams in other states but were achieved here by people with visions for to future.

The green and the tree huggers have far to much power when considered that the are a small minority and have no concept of the benefits for this great progressive state of what this development can achieve. I wish you all the best for the future and may this project proceed soon to benefit from a great tourism influx that will arbitrated to our great island.

J van der Hoek, JP

I recently was able to travel on the Sea to Sky Gondolas at Squamish British Colombia and the cable cars up to and on Grouse Mountain North Vancouver. In no way at each location did I feel there was significant visual or environmental disruption, rather the impact was hardly visible.

For those against the Mt Wellington proposal they should travel to the above places to see the benefits and the minuscule environmental and visual impacts. Of course those against the proposal will always construct "Red Herring Propaganda".

D Camplin, Hobart

I have just arrived back from holidays in Hokkaido, Japan, and in Europe. I traveled on two cable cars, called 'ropeways' in Hokkaido, at Hakodate and Sounkyo Gorge. Both of these are popular with visitors and operate in winter climates many times more adverse than South Hobart to Mt Wellington. Annual snow falls total 10 - 15 metres at both sites and each could be affected by earthquakes. From memory each ropeway has operated for more than 30 years. The Sounkyo rope way and a smaller chairlift above it provide easy access for walkers to the plateau and main peaks of the Daisetsuzan National Park, the largest national park in Japan, 570,500 hectares. The peak above Hakodate is also accessible by road and a good walking track.

Hobart needs this project, most businesses would support it and probably also a majority of residents. Wake up Tasmania this project is clean, green, clever, low carbon, and will support tourism jobs! Would you like images of / from each rope way? I do not use Facebook but [would like] a pro cable car sticker!

M. Jessup, Sandy Bay

I have just returned from a holiday in Hobart having never visited before. I am 68 years of age, so I'm a bit late in visiting. I'm from sydney I During my stay I drove to the top of Mount Wellington. A few years ago I went to the top of Table Mountain in Capetown using the cablecar. Having seen the iconic Table Mountain which is recognised worldwide I was not expecting the little known Mount Wellington to provide much of a spectacle. Therefore, my surprise to see the spectacular views rivalling those of Table Mountain and in fact Mount Wellington is more than 100 metres higher. What a fabulous tourist attraction Hobart would have if this was promoted and more accessible. Alas while the greens seem to have control of everything down there I guess it is unlikely anything will happen . While returning to Sydney on the plane I spoke to another couple who had made their first visit to Tassie but they did not visit Mount Wellington because they were unaware of its significance.

J Moseley, Sydney NSW

It would be a great boost for Tourism .. However I want it for the people that can't access the Mountain due to health and mobility reasons ..not forgetting our younger generation .. I also want it as I am sick and tired of our State falling behind everyone else, as it only forces our children to travel once they grow up (to the mainland). The Cable Car means more jobs and Tasmania can't afford to ignore that. It's been talked about since 1905 >> Don't you think that it's about time people stopped talking and started building .. that's 110 years of paying our useless Councils money >> to discuss the same issue over and over. Get the darn thing built and stop wasting Taxpayers money by bickering like our hopeless government officials do >> Your all no better than a pack of quibbling kindergarten children. Please stop deliberating with your belly buttons and get the darn Cable Car Underway.

M Neb, Hobart

I am excited by and looking forward to riding the cable car up Mount Wellington and hope that all goes well with overcoming the remaining hurdles.  Love the clear/opaque floor idea, I can see school parties having a blast taking a birds eye view to the next level. Can't wait to experience this.

D Vallance, Northern Tas

I have to say congratulations to Adrian Bold for his persistence in trying to get the cable car going. I think it would be a wonderful asset to Hobart and having seen them in various places feel the aesthetics can be minimal. Like Abraham Lincoln said "Never Quit" - I think this could be your inspiration!!

G Gough, Hobart

Well done team! Great to see the latest update on the Cable Car, the tram design looks amazing and I can't wait to be up their looking down through the transparent floor as I glide past the Organ Pipes!

A Wilson, South Hobart

I just wanted to say keep up the good work with the Cable Car. I think it is a fantastic project which should have been developed a long time ago.  After traveling around the world I have been on many cable cars and see how they are a real asset to the local tourist trade.

J Mackinnon

As a tourism operator on the East Coast at Swansea, the importance of this development cannot be understated as it will enhance the tourism attractions to the state, showcase our mountain and provide visitors (and locals) a world class experience. People who visit will also tour other parts of the state and it is vital that we attract people with high quality best practice events, options and experiences - this proposal does that.

I commend the proponents and wish the project every success - not only as a tourism operator developer over many years (including current hospitality and related businesses) but also as someone who has experienced over a dozen such cable ventures and seen the benefits they can bring to a wide region in which they are based. I would be pleased to assist further should anything be required or sought

G Horton, Swansea

We both fully support the building of a cable car to make the most of our beautiful mountain , and maximise the tourism experience for visitors and local alike. Please hurry up and get this happening !

S and R Newland, Hobart

I'm excited about your project, and think that such an iconic asset is long overdue for both Hobart, and Tasmania. I think it has the potential to bring benefits to the state far beyond its immediate potential as a tourist attraction, in that it will be symbolic of Tasmania's embrace of a positive attitude towards acceptance of large scale, sustainable, tourism development projects, which is critical for the future of the State's economy.

Tasmania's transition towards a modern and tourism focused economy is something that I am, and have always been, passionate about.

B. Hannan, Brisbane - formerly of Hobart

"I wholeheartedly support your cable car proposal for kunanyi/Mt Wellington. After traveling on many cable cars overseas it would definitely be an asset and employment boost for Hobart and our state".

- S.Booker, Hobart

Dear MWCC, To the mountain top - Tasmania needs this vision and the cable car proposal provides it. Symbolic of aiming for the highest goals and lifting our vision and our aim to the highest level. In lifting our collective aim to the mountain top we can together lift Tasmania to believing and making it a reality that this is a place where we can raise our families and enjoy this wonderful place in which to live.

Does not the cable car project provide this symbolism? Yes, it will be a tourism icon for Hobart and yes, Hobart and Tasmania needs the tourism benefits that this project will undoubtedly provide. There is a recurring theme in these letters of support that this will be so and I don't doubt it. Look at the positive economic and consequently positive social effects for the Huon Valley region that flowed from the Tahune Air Walk despite all the overstated and hyperbolic opposition to its ever becoming a reality.

Tasmania is crying out for positive values and ideas. Without a vision that provides these elements Tasmania risks alienation from desirable economic and social goals. It is disappointing that the relatively small but vocal opposition to the cable car and other projects at times persuade the greater majority to accepting that we cannot achieve appropriate development outcomes; developments that Tasmania demonstrably needs to provide employment for its young people lest they leave to find work elsewhere.

This is a project that State leaders should be seen to be supporting and if not those who live in and believe in Tasmania ought to be asking why. I fully support the project and the symbolism for Tasmania that it provides. It will be a feather in Hobart's cap.
R. Hamilton, Hobart

As an Austrian I am used to cable cars going up mountains. I have just come back from Switzerland where I used both cable cars and cogwheel trains to get up mountains such as the Jungfrau (4,158 m) and Mt Titlis (3,238 m), which was a fantastic experience. I am moving to Hobart this year and can’t wait for the cable car project to be finished.
K. Koch, Moving to Hobart

I am a strong supporter of a cable car on Mount Wellington. I would urge you to consider including a paragliding launch area near the top station. It can be covered with artificial grass having minimal visual impact but the economic benefit would be significant. I grew up in Europe where cable cars are a feature on every significant mountain. It opens the mountain to bike riders and paragliding pilots creating a whole new stream of income for the region. In locations with mountains comparable to Mt Wellington they achieve tens of thousands of launches every year for a minimal investment. A cable car would open the mountain to commercial tandem operators and paragliding schools.

A ramp would create a totally new reason for paragliding pilots to visit Hobart.

C. Pava, Hobart

I love Tasmania, and moved here from Sydney 3 years ago. I moved here for the natural beauty and I love the bush. We have the most amazing mountain in Mount Wellington and It should be open to the public. Every time is snows the mountain is closed. A cable car will open up the mountain and will increase tourism to Hobart.

I. Veltman, Hobart

I fully support the cable car to Mount Wellington (Kunyani) along with a visitors centre and a place to serve light meals while admiring our beautiful landscape and panoramic views. What a marvellous tourist attraction and a boost to our ailing economy. We need to build on our natural advantages. Go for it!

 L. Slade, Hobart

Hobart is potentially the best located city in the world for viewing the Aurora Australis. Why not install an all sky camera to give live displays or pre-recorded displays on overcast nights? [It might] probably be wise to put an Auroral alert on your web site at the very least, that way people will be alerted to the best chance of seeing an Aurora live, (something which the best photography cannot begin to rival) and will pile on up to the summit of Kunanyi for a look and the occasional warming libation no doubt. Apologies if you already have those bases covered. !
F. Lane, Hobart

Looks FANTASTIC cant wait. Keep up the good work.

B. Wickham, Hobart

We want to do anything required to help the current negativity of some (7) Councillors & assist MWCC progress!
W. Soundy, Hobart

Fully support MWCC! On our first ever tourist visit to Hobart and obligatory trip up Mt Wellington, we thought it incredulous that there was no cable car with all the obvious benefits it would bring. Now a resident, we constantly see so many opportunities for locals and tourists going to waste because of inaccessibility or inadequate / non-existent future planning.

The proposal looks brilliant and look forward to the ride, the vistas, the enchantment of Mt Wellington - in all weathers and all seasons for all people. Please don't forget the simplicity of high quality select local fresh food to warm and refresh, some where to shelter / inform, then residents and tourists alike can make more of a day of it and of course support local business. This is so over due it's not funny, the stagnant mentality has been a disservice to this beautiful state.

We will keep watch with interest and as others have said 'WE NEED THIS'!
S.v.W, Northern Tasmania

I went to the launch for the cable car, which was excellent. Please try your best to win over the Hobart Council as I believe not as many people would use it if it began in Glenorchy. Keep up the good work, cheers, Tim Berry.
T. Berry, Hobart

What a great idea! Sure to be a hit with the tourists and locals especially those who don't want to drive up. Along with MONA will be the centrepiece of Hobart.

A. Bean, Hobart

I look forward to being one of the first to experience what will be one of the biggest and brightest attractions Hobart has ever seen! There are too many pluses to list and I keep thinking of new ones all the time!!! The view; the reduction of pollution from vehicles; just the exhilaration of the experience; a fabulous tourist attraction; an easy way to transport skis and be skiing in a short space of time; the introduction of a restaurant/convention centre; wedding, 18th, 21st venue; to be able to sit back and enjoy a meal and a glass of wine and take in the wonderful view, no more worries about road closure or driving the narrow road to the pinnacle, tourists would be able to incorporate a tour of the Cascade Brewery with a cable car ride to the pinnacle; lunch in the gardens at the brewery then off on the MWCC (or vice versus) etc etc!

Let's get this up and running sooner than later. Come on HCC and all the "tyre kickers" and anti "anything good for Hobart" protesters. This will be a wonderful thing for Hobart and Tasmania.

J. Foley, Hobart

"As strong supporters of Tourism in our region, we here at The Old Woolstore Apartment Hotel and Hadleys Hotel Hobart would like to express our support for this project. As visitor numbers increase, infrastructure developments such as the Mount Wellington Cable Car will be required in order to help manage our destination. We look forward to seeing it evolve".

- S.Christie-Johnston, Sullivans Cove

What a great proposal. The obvious benefits to Tasmanian Tourism can not be overstated. Good luck and I look forward to riding the cable car soon.

A. Patch, Hobart

The idea has been around for a long time but at last it looks as though it may be about to happen! I know it will be nearly invisible and environmentally friendly which includes saving thousands of vehicles traveling up to the summit. What a fantastic tourist, local intrastate, interstate and global attraction it will be!

M. Yates, Hobart

I have visited several cable car developments - Bergen, Cape Town and most recently Masada. I attach some interesting pictures of the latter for your interest. Best wishes for your plans!

B. Frost, Hobart

I am definitely a strong supporter of the mwcc. So many positive comments that I agree with, in particular 'M.Nielsen' keep up the good work folks, I have no doubt you will get there.

G. Chugg, Hobart

Fully In Favour. I welcome your plans for Mt Wellington. Existing access is disgracefully inadequate and arguments against development on the grounds of environmental damage are specious and dishonest: the Mountain is not as wilderness, but an adornment to the city that should be accessible as a playground for all.

D. Daintree, Hobart

I fully support the project and suggest that it should also be put forward on the basis that it will reduce that amount of pollution from vehicle traffic.What a great tourist enticement. Hobart will match many European cities that offer similar attractions.

J. Francis, Hobart

Go for it!! It would be one of the world"s best panoramic views. If the greens and rust gatherers moan,( as they will) let the majority decide! there will still be trees to hug on the mountain, please let it happen in my lifetime! I look forward to being one of the first passengers on a gondola having a close look at the organ pipes.

K. Coppleman, Hobart

Proposal Launch! Great event this morning with interesting presentations from all involved. Lets get this thing up and running fast. It's a great thing for Hobart and the state.

J. Legg, Hobart

Yes! I would like to strongly support the proposed cable car on Mt Wellington, It is a great idea and will bring jobs and tourists.

B. Kistenkas, unknown location

I support the Cable Car (CC) proposal in plenary. Why? Hobart is a tourism-dependent small-community economy. We need things like this given a) our size of population, and b) petition to embrace unique tourism ventures. Other tourism-dependent areas of the world saw the appeal of the Cable Car and had the confidence to follow through with the vision. The CC experiences of: • Gatlinburg, Tennessee; • Grouse Mountain, Vancouver, Canada; • The Gondolas in Queenstown, NZ are outstanding examples how fruitful a CC can be on small communities. Given the success-precedence (and the air-of-confidence about them) I support the proposal.

M. Craw, Hobart

I am one of the few of my friends who has warmed to the idea of a cable car in Hobart. My reasoning is different from most, perhaps, but nevertheless, I am in favor of it. I am Danish, but have recently moved here, not knowing much about Tasmania at all, but the first thing I experienced was the incredible nature of Tasmania, and having talked to many tourist/students, it is the natural, untouched beauty of Tasmania that I hear about first and foremost. MONA is a welcome addition for most young people with that inclination, but generally, people do not come here to party or get wild, but to get into 'the wild'.

I believe tourism has to be a main focus in economic development, as many others, but for me, it is to save what is worth saving of the incredibly unique environment that is Tasmania and to stop further destruction of it. However, when that is said, I realise that economic development does not happen on its own, and I believe something that can draw in people from the outside is important, something like the cable car project of yours. However, having seen several projects in Europe and the Middle East where I have worked the last 15 years, all with good intentions, and all executed very poorly, I see some problems with the current proposal. First, I think the building on the summit needs to be exceptional. I think it needs to be of the highest standards and a building that - even if not the greatest of buildings in terms of size - needs to be on the same level as the Sydney Opera House, the Guggenheim, the Catedral Metropolitana Nossa Senhora Aparecida, or the Sagrada Familia. People come from all over the world to see these buildings, not really caring for what goes on inside them. If you can achieve something like that, there is no end to the success. True, to achieve what the architects of these buildings have achieved is close to impossible, but it does not hurt to set your goals high! But the building(-s) needs to be something that people want to look at, wonder about and revel in. It need to be something that not only Tasmanians will be proud of, but something that everyone seeing it will say - wow! Holy F... that's amazing! And it goes without saying that the quality of the details and construction has to be of very high caliber. You have one of the most iconic situations of a building that any architect could ask for. It would be a dream job for many architects. Make it a competition, an international competition, and don't let people who know nothing about architecture decide, like many failed projects do.

Don't let administrators or government officials, or local activists and other groups have a say in it - at least until the five best and most interesting suggestions have been chosen. Create an international committee of designers and famous architects, and let them decide. That will also draw attention to the project and possible funding (just make sure its not the typical square metal/glass constructions most modern architects play with, and make sure that the building respects its location).

One thing that I have heard many complain about, or at least worry about, is the quality of service. A takeaway cafe usually means poor coffee and food. Hobart is slowly developing a reputation for excellent food and at least four top coffee brewers exist in the city. At the top, it needs to be of equal - super! - quality. Don't make the project cheaper just because people don't believe in it. Make it bigger and better. Make it trendy and timeless, like Scandinavian or Spanish design ;-) All the best!

 M.Nielsen, Hobart

"Just a line to say I am pro cable car. We live on Huon Road and think it is  a great idea. I have lived in Europe and don't know what all the hold ups have been... Memories of cable car rides in Switzerland 50 years ago are still treasured. Good luck!"

- F. Ferguson, Fern Tree

I would like to add my STRONG SUPPORT to the building and operating of the Mt Wellington Cable Car! I don't think there is any need to explain why. WE NEED IT to further the prosperity of Tasmania.

K. Molnar, Dover

Yes! Fantastic Proposal. I have traveled the West Coast of Canada where Cable cars are every where In day to day life .World Class Proposal MWCC ! GOODLUCK !

D .Edwards, University of Tasmania

Great to see so much positive opinion being generated regards towards the Cablecar on the facebook site.  I have often shared my opinion in that forum, but here is a synopsis, as follows:-

I support your Mount Wellington Cablecar proposal.  I think this venture would be great for the people of Hobart, and for our tourist visitors.  No doubt, the views would be spectacular, so the experience of riding up and down in a Cablecar should be world class.  A Cablecar would enhance the quality experience of Tasmania that we all cherish.  All people, and especially people with disabilities, as well as the aged, and families with small children, could be enabled to participate more fully in their own experience of the mountain, with affordable Cablecar access, and improved visitor facilities.  It would also be so great to have a more welcoming warm, and better developed, precinct at the pinnacle, like a Café and Visitor Centre.  It is just not good enough, that the Public are currently not being permitted to enjoy everything the Cablecar development is offering, especially an enhanced interactive experience of our beloved Mountain when there is a heavy snow cover.

 I believe it is time to consider this proposal seriously, and embrace it.  And I am pleased to see that is what seems to be happening.  People who are opponents do not seem have a real case, just a sentimental view that things should not change.  However, I still think the right way to do this, is in an eco-friendly fashion.

J. Lawless, Kingston

Hi, I must admit I am very excited about a cable car to Mt Wellington's summit. It is going to be such a tourist asset to Hobart and a real money spinner. Go for it guys, I am hoping to be one of the first aboard.

F. Cole, Hobart

Hi, very much in favour of a cable car to the summit of Mt Wellington. Also I think a tasteful,respectful and culturally sensitive tourist shop/cafe/bistro would work a treat as there are no amenities there currently, apart from public toilets. - Avid mountain biker and bouldering enthusiast.

D. Yarsley, New Town

Hi. Passionate about the project progressing. How can I help and be part of making the cable car a reality? - Thank you!

R. McKcher, Hobart

Hello, I had the thrill of riding on a cable car in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  The journey took us to a great restaurant "High Finance" way above the city. Build the cable car and provide a great restaurant on the summit of Mt. Wellington and the people will come.  I dare say some of the people against the proposal will make up many of the visitors.

D. Ransley, Hobart

Good luck Mr Bold & Co - keep up the great work. We need a cable car!!! Thank you!

P. Dobson, Hobart

Having used cable cars on numerous occasions when visiting sensitive areas in Europe I fully support the construction of a cable car on Mt Wellington. Very good luck with this adventure.

V. Sauvage, Hobart

I definitely support the establishment of the Mt Wellington Cable Car. Its about time Tasmania started going forward ! Cable cars have been established all over the world and certainly in other parts of Australia and the expertise is out there to put the cable car in the right place and done the right way ! We can do it as well as any one else to world's best practice despite the negative rhetoric from minority groups who only seem to want to stifle development in this state. As has been said by others , Tasmania NEEDS it .

P. Ladaniqsky, Hobart

Dear Adrian Bold, I'm an ex-pat Tasmanian living on the North Island (currently Melbourne, with good access to the Mornington Peninsula), and recently in Cairns (for nearly 5 years) living at Redlynch watching the Cairns to Kuranda Skyrail underpin the regions tourism (complimenting the Daintree & Reef Tours).

n support of another comment " completely dumbfounds me as to why there is no cable car going up Mt. Wellington!" If you were to take a leaf out of the Cairns 'success story' every yachtsman (and their families) who come to Tassie would add Mt Wellington to their destination and further compliment the "other attractions" which could become a marketer's DREAM ! Image a 'mix & match' package comprising MONA, The Taste, Tahune Airwalk, shopping in Salamanca, going to Port Arthur and so on. My wife and I would love to see this come to fruition and offer to 'spruik' the vitues on this side of Bass Strait. I think its a BOLD idea, (yes, pun intended) and may just challenge Bob Clifford for his title of "The Bastard's a Genius".

eep up the good work and good luck, remember the harder you work the more luck you will get, however I'm convinced that LUCK will not play much of a role in such a Brilliant Concept! I hope it goes ahead and offer all of our support to you and your team. Cheers!

S. Dean, Melbourne (Hobart ex pat)

I'm very much in favour. I've been in Hobart for two years and found it incredible that there wasn't an existing Cable Car, even the Nut has one! The view from the top of Mount Wellington is incredible and that's what all those thousands of visitors on the cruise ships want to see. I'm still at a loss to wonder what the objections are as the cable car is a very environmentally friendly means to the top. Like MONA, let's put another world class feature on the Tasmanian map. Think big Tasmania and get away from the poverty mentality.

N. Plumley, New Town.

ring it on. I am sick of living in a State where viable value adding ventures are stymied by minority groups. It is time for the majority to stand up. The mountain offers fantastic opportunities for locals and tourists alike and is already "interfered with by man" with the communications towers. There are fantastic wilderness experiences "out the back" of the mountain, I have walked them and these should be opened up, particularly in winter.  Thank you! 

G. Byrd, Hobart

Tasmania needs another major attraction for tourism and the cable car would provide that. Just about anywhere in the world where there are accessible mountains close to cities or towns there are cable cars.

Apart from an attraction for tourism the development would be a great bonus for local and Tasmania wide family recreation. We cannot afford to reject sensible developments providing they are environmentally friendly and economically sustainable. The proponents should be given every opportunity and encouragementto develop their proposal. There will always be a noisy minority who are against development , but if it is proven there is a majority in favor, then that view should prevail.

G. Loughran, Hobart

"I totally agree with Bob Clifford and Adrian Bold who say Tasmania must look at the bigger picture. Too many "don't do anything" people here but always want a handout from Federal Government.  Thank you!"

- L. Stubb, Hobart

To Whom it may concern, I'm an ex-pat Tasmanian living in Japan, it completely dumbfounds me as to why there is no cable car going up Mt. Wellington!  I teach Japanese people who come Tassie, they love the place - shopping in Salamanca, going to Port Arthur and so on.  None of them have been to the top of the mountain.

Why I asked?  Because they either can't drive, don't have a licence or it is too much of a hassle.  All of them wanted to go though.  I ask them (i have been doing so for about 2 years) "if you could go up the mountain by another means, say train, special bus or cable car, would you?".  100% of them said yes.

So as an ex-pat Taswegian if i could vote i would vote yes to a cable car, for the tourism aspect and i think the locals would enjoy easier access to the mountain, also i think the environmental impact would be minimal.

L. Rose, Yokohama, formerly of Cremorne

Bring it on!!!  Please no crappy chico roll dispensary on the summit!! It needs the equivalent of, at the very least, a "Peppermint Bay" type restaurant up there. Good luck!

N.Cohen, Hobart

The survey was a great idea. I just wanted to say that I strongly support this idea. I was in Vancouver a couple of years ago and even though I knew there was a cable car on the mountain across the water from the city I couldn't see it ...even using the binoculars at the top of the tower in the middle of town. I then caught a bus to the the cable car and still didn't see it until I was actually in the car...On the bus back down the hill I took a quick snap of the cable car from a point about 200 metres from the terminal and that was it...i can give you the photo but its hard to make out. The top of the mountain had heaps of things to do but none of it seemed to be visible from the city etc. I think a annual pass for locals at something reasonable would be great. Allow people to take their dogs for a walk up there as well would be great.

B. Hilliard, Hobart

G'day All, In support of your endeavors, I am a proud Tasmanian, having lived on the eastern Shore for all of my 59 years(with views of the Mountain )!! The concept of a Cable Car/Restaurant etc etc is a stroke of brilliance and will only enhance our beloved Mountain..........
The only negative comment I have is that this project should have been built 30 years ago !!

J. Gourlay, Eastern Shore

Spend the money on the best designers and planners, who have done it before! And trust that they will have Tassie's best interests at heart! Progress Tassie! It's what we need!

J.Hamilton-Foster, Sandy Bay

Dear Adrian Bold, My husband and i would like to give you our support on the Cable Car up the mountain. I think its a fantastic idea, we should have had this built years ago but no there are too many people against anything done in this state for tourism. I have just come back from Switzerland and we went on the cable car up the mountains of DAVOS and KLOSTERS and the veiw was just breathe taking and magnificent and im sure if we had on in TASMANIA it would bring lots of visitors to go and see this and the cable car is very secure and safe .

agnificent way to see the beautiful scenes overlooking Hobart from the mountain. I have just had my relatives here from Switzerland and they went up the mountain and froze in the open air but they took photos of the view and said this place is like paradise. What you put in the paper was great and i think this should be pushed till we get a cable car . Keep up the good work and good luck.

Hope it goes ahead! Supporter for you

E. Gunn, Kingston

I was unable to do our survey as your system seems to allow only one computer on a network to do so, but I would like to support this proposal. I have visited several similar facilities around the world and I love them all!!! Go of it!

G. Ettershank, Hobart

To whom it may concern; My wife and I lived in Hobart most of our lives. We both lived under the shadow of Mount Wellington. When the Cable Car was forwardin 1993 and knocked back by a few people we were so disappointed. To ride on a Cable Car up Mount Wellington would be so incredible. The view over Hobart and surrounding area would be breathe taking. Please let it go ahead this time. Tasmania needs more diversity and change. Come on Tasmania move ahead.

Ian & Rowena, St Helens

I have lived in Hobart all my life (60+ years) and Mt Wellington encompasses one major part of the twin ribbon of ambient joy that embraces our city – the other major part being Hobart Harbour/Derwent River.
Without either in their current form it is nigh impossible to calculate the scale of what would be the lack of ambiance now enjoyed with the combination of the visual aspects of both these iconic natural locations. For Southern Tasmanians returning home there is always great comfort when sighting the mountain once again and if it were never there, our psyche would indeed be much the poorer.

ver many years I have visited a number of the places within Wellington Park, although not all and in my younger days I tramped and hiked on several trails, although that is not possible for me these days. I gained great joy from the bushland, wildlife and shelter huts in my earlier teens and it is great comfort to know that much effort is placed upon the preservation of the many dales and fern glens, other flora and fauna, plus known historical sites and artifacts areas.

t Wellington offers much to many but it has in the past been ventured upon by humans over eons and as we know we have left a footprint of our time in its presence. To this end we are not respecting the fact that it is the soul of the mountain that draws us to its majesty of vista. It exudes a power the is encapsulated by its many moods ranging through speckling early light, brilliant blue hues, brooding grey dominance, shining white caps and dark sentinel protector or hidden by adverse weather whereupon we wait and watch continually for a sign of its re-emergence during the varying seasons.

Despite all this it draws us to itself and we desire to climb upon it. We want to venture to its pinnacle as this is the ultimate joy and this is what most if not all want to do – reach the top, for that is why we ascend mountains, with their accepting grace. To this end it is why we need to improve our facilities upon this pinnacle – so that we show good grace and respect what it offers us in sensitive manner rather than what we now have not done at present. This mountain deserves such sensitivity imbued upon it, for it stands as an icon as good as any throughout the world because of where it sits within this part of the southern hemisphere. People all over the world want to come and ascend in a manner that provides modernity with sensitivity for locality.

Since I was a youth in the 1950’s watching the mountain from afar with a telescope and later watching from upon its summit with the same, I have desired to see a world class facility placed upon its roof in a manner without destroying its overall vista to the eye. Also I remind all who are dubious of vista loss that is not simply what some of us see with our eyes, on or off the mountain – there are many of us who lack sight but to gain a perspective of what is not seen we need to close our eyes on our next visit and listen to its heartbeat for a minute or two. I say therefore that we should have an encouraging situation for those of us who lack sight plus those who lack foresight.

Of course it is possible to create an infrastructure that satisfies needs and there is no doubting the needs are there.
Mt Wellington even lacking such facilities draws over 300,000 visitors per annum, making it one of the top four locations in our state for visitors. So surely we should be enhancing its terminus. People climb on mountains in the majority to reach the top and we are not assisting this in a designated sensible and safe way.

With correct infrastructure development there is no justifiable reason why the mountain top could not be a playground much better appreciated by larger numbers than is to date.

t is my firm belief that there should be a cable car service built to operate from Tolosa Gardens in Glenorchy to the summit of Mt Arthur and the terminus could include a restaurant/tea rooms, tourist shop, ranger station and first aid. There could be small coach vehicle transportation available as well as bicycles and trail bikes for hire on certain days to travel to the pinnacle or on the mountain top trails. I envisage that this would be the main access route onto the mountain and the pinnacle road would only open to The Springs from there on up being an emergency and service access route. Perhaps it may be possible to consider limited ticket access by private car on up to Big Bend near the proposed Mt Arthur terminus or even onto the pinnacle of Mt Wellington on gazetted holidays. There are a number of reasons why restricting private vehicles and replacing access with an alternative means is desirable eg. environment, safety, etc.

Furthermore every effort should be made to attract Win TV operations onto the National Broadcasting Tower facility and thereby dismantling the Win TV tower which is an unsightly eyesore. Perhaps the Win infrastructure building could be taken over by the TMAG/RTBG/HCC and become a history room coupled with flora and fauna exhibits, even an enclosed wildlife living environment exhibit for small fauna and invertebrates.

I understand that a cable car on a more direct route up to The Pinnacle offers the majesty of a trip unsurpassed. I also believe that many of us would find this obtrusive and offensive and for myself I think such a route create continual dissention and also because that route will then inevitably and unnecessarily monopolise access and facilities. I feel an alternative route as I have suggested offers an opportunity to increase visitor numbers, park usage and a better range of facilities.

ith proper assessment it may be that an accommodation development proposal for The Springs could operate in tandem with a summit development by complimenting each other for the varied differences they both have. Certainly there is much scope for a better coordination of history/nature walks on the lower slopes and a greater range of environment/multi-use trekking across the plateau. There appears to be a lack of regular publicity and information advertised to encourage promotion of usage which both visiting tourist and local residents I am sure have an interest therein, given the fact that Wellington Park has proven to imbue a soliloquy thread within all who gaze upon or venture in proximity.

E. Harthill, Hobart

Well done, you have my full support.  I fear the anti everything brigade will be out in force.

- M. Wells, Hobart

At Last! About time this project got legs. I lived in Austria for many years and nearly every mountain has a cable car, not to mention all the ski lifts at resorts. It could be an amazing attraction for Hobart and as a non-car driver, think it is a no-brainer to get people to the Pinnacle. Those people who think it will spoil the "environment" don't quite get it!  Thank You!

R. Mendelson, Hobart

I support the cable car and a high quality restaurant/cafeteria, reception centre and information and interpretative centre on Mt Wellington.  Look at what the kiwis have done in NZ. Look at Mt Egmont (Taranaki) on the west coast of the north island.  There is a high conical shaped snow capped mountain.  They have an excellent interpretation centre there, with lots of information about walks, degree of danger, and length if time. Or look at Whakepapa in the centre west of the north island, a massive ski field and brilliant interpretation centre. 

lso look at the Dolomites, near San Cassiano, in North east Italy where they have a network of chair lifts to a plateau where you can walk on and restaurants dotted around for the walkers.  The chair lifts have ver little impact on the environment and it's great for tourism.  Many of the chair lifts in Europe have no visual impact,

R. Collis, Hobart

We need this cable car to the mountain, it would be Hobart's best tourist attraction.

K. Belcher, Lindisfarne

This is the most thrilling thing I have seen for Mount Wellington. I have no idea why the government has waited this long to do anything about it. It is an icon for Hobart and I feel sure that both tourists and locals alike will use it. I have seen the Rotorua cable car many times in NZ and they do great business.

The one in Cairns is very expensive that goes up to Kuranda and it is always full. People will not mind paying a good price for something so worthwhile. The public needs to get behind this proposal and get something done soon, not in 10 or 20 years. A restaurant up the top as well is the way to go. It would be the ultimate place to dine. Excellent video. Good Luck on the project.

I am 100% behind it.

R. Brello, Sorell

My heartiest congratulations to Mr Bold on your presentation of the proposed Mt Wellington Cable Car. It's astounded me for years why this spectacular Mountain with it's magnificent views hasn't had a cable car like so many places in Europe, New Zealand and other tourist destinations around the world.

Hopefully it will eventually happen and when it does it will bring tourism in Tasmania into the twenty- first century.

M. Mulholland, ex Hobart resident

Count me in!

L. Oakley, Hobart

Support Given!

C. Commane, Hobart

We would love to see a cable car on Mt Wellington, have seen them in other countries and been on them. They are excellent.

J. & D Boks, Hobart

Strong Support!

S. Jeffery, Battery Point

Will be one of the biggest assets for Hobart and Tasmania, as long as our Green Part of the Government do not object which I reckon they will. They seem to want to turn Tassie back to the horse and cart days. Thank You!

B. Hughes, Hobart

My wife and I have used cable cars in many cities in the world and firmly believe that one would be of great benefit to Hobart and Tasmania both for local use and as a major attraction for tourists.

C. & R. Horswill, Lindisfarne

We support the introduction of a cable car up Mount Wellington. It is a brilliant idea and we have used them in many countries. It is a wonderful way to see the countryside and a safe way to travel up the mountain in the winter.

B. & M. Keygan, Kingston Beach

I support the concept of a cable car to the summit of Mt. Wellington.  As my letter in today’s Mercury stated, the concept was first brought up about 100 years ago.

G. Campbell, Hobart

Hi, Saw your animation and think it is great. Spurred me on to send the following email to the Mt Wellington Management Trust. Probably won’t make much difference but, hey, you never know. Good luck with the campaign. If I can assist further, send me an email.

J. Bronstein, Hobart

Well Done Mr Bold! This project should have been in place a long time ago!!! Go for it!!!

Let the whole world admire our Tasmanian beauty, even in winter!

J Nahas, Hobart

I have just returned from a business trip to Hobart.  It was my first visit to Tasmania.  One thing I did do apart from work was to drive up to the summit of Mt Wellington.  What an amazing view and experience.  I was surprised at the lack of facility at the top and the poor condition of the road to get there. My advice is build a European style cable car and put a restaurant / coffee and souvenir shop at the top and it will run close to building a money printing press. 

would not have hesitated to pay $60 for a ride up and back and as a restaurant and or reception conference venue, people will come from around the world to visit it. I think a cable car to Mt Wellington would be the biggest tourist attraction Tasmania has.  When it opens, I will be there to ride it. Just do it!

R. Martyn, Adelaide

Anyone who has been on the skyway out of Cairns or in Hong Kong would have to agree that they are just wonderful and particularly with Cairns, not a blot on the landscape at all. It doesn't have to be an eyesore. I'm sure we could achieve an equally good result here if the structures and cars were coloured so as to blend into the hillside. Terrific tourist and local appeal.

S. Creak, Hobart

Dear Adrian Bold, I am writing to support the cable car submission to the top of Mt Wellington.  Having visited Cape Town I know what a benefit it would be for our city and how wonderful it would be to be able to reach to top of the mountain following a huge snow fall.  What a beautiful place to have dinner all year round and a cable car would facilitate this for all. Keep up the good work!

C. & S. Bax, Rosny

"Thank you for the brilliant video of the cable car concept. My wife and I are totally behind the idea. I have sent the website address to other parts of Australia and overseas, including to Swiss friends. We hope we live long enough to see it all built. With our best wishes."

B. Raine, Kingston

Brilliantly presented proposal. It would be a must see attraction.
may you have the energy and momentum to address the issues raised by opponents.

J. Ransom, Hobart

Having taken visitors to the mountain and then being unable to get to the top because of road closures is frustrating and time consuming especially for our visitors I find your proposal to be an excellent example of what this state needs .

B. Whitehouse

I just heard on ABC radio (Feb 27 2017) that you've already raised capital towards this project. I would appreciate receiving notice as to when you are seeking to raise more capital as my husband and I would be keen to invest as soon as possible.

B. Heath

I'm a South Hobart resident and very supportive of the proposal. It's minimally intrusive in terms of environmental impact and will allow safer, better access to the mountain in all weathers. It's a great and needed boost for the tourism industry, and I like the idea of the new infrastructure being used as an event space, as well as and having better facilities for adventure sports and tourism activities. I would like to see better transport options to the jump off point to minimise traffic and parking issues, and some more thought given to how this might change what people want to do at the top of the mountain - ie improved walking tracks, including signage, thought given to activities and safety concerns during snow days etc (can imagine people might have bright ideas about skiing/snowboarding ...)

F. Chapman, South Hobart

I would love to see this go ahead, Tasmania's future depends on tourism activity like this!

P. Lockwood

Very happy we finally have some solid progress on the cable car plan. The length of time it has taken to get it this far is ridiculous. Best wishes for the future MWCC, and thanks for getting it this far.

S. Cox

This is an engineering masterpiece. I hope all involved are really excited and enthusiastic about the project. I trust that all the "what-ifs" and contingencies have been looked at thoroughly and you have consulted the best from Europe and other continents to make the best plans possible. You will never please everyone. It will be fantastic to see the mountain in all her white snowy glory. I hope it will be free for locals! Cheers!

J. Hamilton-Foster

I'm in favour of the aerial tram / Golden Gully gondola proposal. Replacing the current lookout with a facility which sits below the skyline when viewed from the city makes a lot of sense. The single span concept is amazing. No pylons and a tram car which is no more visually intrusive than a bus travelling on the current road.
Year round access to the summit would be a great thing for bushwalking, MTB and even skiing.

C. Garratt

I would strongly suggest you keep any eateries, food and beverage , down at Cascade Gardens. I would be deeply disappointed if there were to be some half baked, (pun intended), pie and pastie tuck shop on the mountain, though this doesn't look like it's on your list of priorities, nor would it meet your current standard of planning or design.

Please keep up the pressure for a world class installation, as you already seem to be doing!

K. Park

I think the cable car is a fabulous idea. Visitors and residents alike want great and memorable experiences and the cable car will provide an exhilarating way of reaching the summit of Kunanyi. In the depths of winter it is probably a safer way of doing so.

I am an Aboriginal Tasmanian from the North West of Tasmania who happily lived 14 years of my life in Hobart. I want to see more developments which respectfully showcase this beautiful place and open it up to those who may not be capable or interested in making long treks through the bush.

L. Daniels

My major concern with this proposal is the impact of the infrastructure on the natural beauty of our mountain. It would need to be as unobtrusive as possible, in order to gain my vote.  Whilst I agree that we need to consider any proposal that encourages tourism to our beautiful city, I also believe we need to ensure that the natural environment that attracts so many visitors here, is preserved as far as possible.

E. Groarke

It could become a Mecca for gliders, but a suitable hang gliding/ paragliding launch area and landing spot is needed. Please investigate this by contacting Mark Harrison, of the Tasmanian Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association (THPA).

Check out the results from the Queenstown NZ cable way. Gliders from all over the world congregate there during the European winter, heaps of gliding academies have opened up and lots of tandems for the tourists. It an amazing industry in itself now.

A. Freeman, Melbourne

I am an Aboriginal Tasmanian from the North West of Tasmania who happily lived 14 years of my life in Hobart. I want to see more developments which respectfully showcase this beautiful place and I think the cable car is a fabulous idea.

L. Daniels

I live quite close to the Cascade Brewery but I am totally in favour of this proposal. Just ignore those 'naysayers' that populate this island and especially South Hobart. The road access is dangerous and I am surprised that a busload of tourists hasn't tumbled over the edge. I have encountered rental cars with drivers ... unable to judge the space available to pass, narrowly missing my side mirrors as I endeavour to keep on the road. The road access should be for emergency and service vehicles only. I travelled on a cable car in Salzburg up a mountain that dwarfs ours, in winds that we rarely experience in Tassie so the argument about not being able to run in our windy conditions is rubbish. Hobart NEEDS this!!

R Retchford

This is a no brainer. I'm watching this carefully. Its time to elect new councillors if this development does not go through promptly. I recommend you start advertising the vision of MWCC on Tasmanian television; get people exicted. This has been an epic David and Goliath struggle, with MWCC being David. Keep the faith and get it done.

A Wright

I have traveled extensively and strongly believe that Tasmania is missing a great opportunity. Keep up the pressure on the government to get this through.

I Berger

This needs to happen, Cape Town in South Africa is a classic example where a cable car adds value to the city. When I visited it was difficult to see any visual impact on the environment but allow lots of locals and tourist to visit with ease. The cable car to Table Mountain at Cape Town is much closer to the city so the visual impact will be far less in Hobart. Can't wait for it to open.

R Mitchell

In 1955 as a 7yr old I first started gazing at the mountain. I was fixated by it and this began a life-long fascination and love for the vista and how it affects me and the people who live throughout greater Hobart who all one way or another are drawn in under its spell. What I could never understand was why no-one had ever build satisfactory facilities at the pinnacle. Most especially now that Hobart has been discovered by the rest of the world 200yrs since colonisation. I used to traipse all over the mountain and its tracks with my brothers, father, uncles and grandfather and at times we would stop for refreshments at the Springs Hotel. Too many years have passed without sufficient action by the city leaders to say that the cableway project is unworthy for the concept is world first class and can only enhance our needs in this at times hostile environment. Our mountain has always been the playground when possible for thousands of us and now we can have a means of bringing that joy in a different way to so many more visitors whether it be inside the projected facilities or outside on some of the planned experiences of flora and fauna with park rangers or trekking groups and other arrangements in either winter or summer.

This development should not be allowed to be lambasted by those certain ideology groups who have obsessive mania in their mantras. I believe to date the cableway co. appears to have been inclusive to the public and I would remind all nay-sayers that if built but then not successful then like all man made objects the cableway can be removed - however there will remain at the pinnacle a first class facility worthy of applause. Such a facility does not exist currently and is definitely required.

E Hartill

As a business owner in Hobart for the last 30 years - all i can say is, can we please move this great project forward as i am confident the benefits will be untold and unexpectedly greater than forecasted.
Please don't be intimidated by the anti everything groups as they are a minority and feel that they should influence our whole community to its detriment. I am positive those opposed have NO understanding of the economic benefits of this project and only want to promote their own self interests as over against a big picture of jobs, tourism growth and economic prosperity.

G Lewis

Born in Hobart from two very old Tasmanian families, I am passionate about the MWCC project. For all the reasons put forward by Mr Bold and Associates because I believe access to our beautiful Mountain in such a well thought out and exciting project as the Cableway will bring millions of funds into the State all over, and go a long way to stop the brain drain that my parents and now consequently me, have had to endure. Just having sold our lovely home in Lenah Valley it will be great also to get rid of the ugly viewing platform and replace a below the top horizon line with a more practical building that will provide creature comforts to all visitors.

A Viney

This is arguably the most important project for the city of Hobart and the tourism industry in Tasmania at the present time. No one, regardless of their views of the MWCC, could say that the Mountain overshadowing Hobart city isn't our most significant landmark. With a road that is not up to standard, and an ever increasing number of tourists visiting the city, it is inevitable that unless we have an alternate route to the pinnacle, we are going to have a tragedy on the mountain.
With the statistics that MWCC have produced, including revenue and employment details, we would have to be extremely unintelligent, naive, and essentially selfish, to turn our back on this project.
Now is the time to rally together as a community, accept the natural beauty of the great shadow above our city, and unite as one with a common goal of establishing kunanyi as the greatest, and most accessible, landmark in Van Dieman's Land.

C Scott

I hope the cable car goes ahead .been on Cairns and New Zealand cable cars and Hobart s would be even better .we need it .Have a public vote on it. The majority want .Its the same old minority that are blocking everything and anything. Please advertise more. Go for it! 

G Cooper

Brilliant, let’s build this thing!!!

D McCambridge

Go the cable car !

E Shaw