MWCC understands there were strong community views for and against the Cable Car project in the 1990's, and we welcome reasonable public debate now.

Unfortunately, some people can get caught up in the emotions of debate and take it too far, resorting to personal attacks and conspiracy theories in their bid to discredit us and derail the project.

Rather than just jumping into social media with some theory or question about our project, people or our business partners why not do the right thing and ask us first? We will always try to respond to reasonable questions. You may choose not to believe our response – or believe it, but run your theory anyway – and sometimes we mightn’t be able to provide an answer immediately.

Here are our responses to some of the most hurtful accusations:


"Government Money"

MWCC has not received, accepted or asked for funding from the Government. All aspects of the project are entirely privately funded as per the core community parameter asked of us by Tasmanians.

Additionally MWCC will set up a special trust fund so that – in the highly unlikely event that the Cable car is a commercial failure – our own money will be available to dismantle it, and perform any restoration that might be required.


MWCC has continually engaged the community since 2010. Voluntarily, we have structured additional consultation activity into our Phased 1-6 Process, during Phase 1 Advocacy, Phase 2 Feasibility, Phase 3 Proposal and our current Phase 4 Planning, and will continue this into Phase 5 Construction.

We do not rely on the statutory consultaton windows (of which there have been numerous through each step of amending the planning schemes) and we do not just conduct these as a bare-minimum consultation to simply Inform - Instead, we drive a deeper consultation focus that allows Involvement in the decision making process. This is evident through each phase of our project thus far, such as the Local Values and Opinions Survey in Phase 2, which garnered 2,200 public responses in 2013 and formed the building blocks of our Proposal. When Phase 3 launched as a resolved plan on the 16th April 2014, we welcomed and encouraged public feedback yet again, helping us to refine and adapt particulars even further.

"Foreign Ownership"

We aim to build and operate this project. We're Tasmanians and we're financially backed by other Tasmanians who love this State and who believe in this project. Our business model is a balanced, triple-bottom-line focus, balancing People, Planet & Profits equally. We want it to be commercially successful but we also want it to make a major contribution to improving the mountain’s environment and benefiting our community.


Back in 2013 we had secured an investment deal with a Swiss/Canadian enterprise which was interested in financing several Cableway projects around the world. In mid-2015, MWCC decided not to renew that financing deal and to instead take on responsibility for financing the project ourselves. Unfortunately this was mis-reported as the Swiss/Canadian investors walking away. The fact is MWCC had been successful in attracting new, local investors.

"Mates Deals // Political Corruption"

Neither MWCC nor our CEO has donated to any political campaign. It is true that our CEO has met politicians of all colours and at all levels of government, and has attended many functions, but this is a normal part of gaining support for a project and developing confidence in it. Any suggestion of corruption is false. Whilst we note the Integrity Commission has not sought any investigation into previous claims raised in the public arena or with it, we would welcome such a move if opponents truly believe that something is amiss.


Both houses of the Tasmanian Parliament have passed legislation to enable the Government to acquire land from the Hobart City Council - but only in the event that our project gains development approval.

If and when that occurs, MWCC will enter into a commercial agreement to lease the land.

"Nathan Carswell"

A pen-name is a tool often used by authors and commentators who want to exercise their right to free speech and, for their own reasons, seek anonymity. The Wellington Park Management Trust confirmed that the use of a pen-name is allowed in their statutory process.

The suggestion that our CEO used a pen-name in 2014/15 is false. Our CEO submitted a comment to the Wellington Park Management Trust pinnacle zone boundary amendment using his own name.

"Fake Profiles"

The 25,000 followers of the MWCC Facebook page are real. Despite claims by our opponents, we have not engaged a 'Like farm' company to artificially boost our support numbers. Like most modern businesses, we use social media sites like Facebook to update people on news relating to the project and as avenues for the public to provide feedback.


The reason the Minister’s authority was provided on the eve of calling the election is simply logistical. The week before the date for 2018 election was announced, the Minister for State Growth Peter Gutwein MP signed an authority for the project to MWCC. MWCC had formally applied for authority on the 21st October, and over several months our application was subject to considerable consultation between the Crown Solicitor and the Wellington Park Management Trust.

MWCC was advised that the Minister had made his decision just prior to Christmas. However, due to Christmas and holiday leave periods the paperwork prepared by the Department was not finalised until mid-January. The Authority was signed by the Minister on Thursday 25th January and we received it in the post on Tuesday January 30th, 2018.


In the lead up to the 2018 election, the State Government granted $1m to the owners of Cascade Brewery. It has been claimed that this, in some way, was to help facilitate our project.

MWCC had no knowledge of this grant until it was publically announced, and have seen no evidence of any connection with us.