Comparing independent polls

This chart shows a comparison between the two independently-run telephone polls commissioned within the past five years. Both scenarios ask the following question: "Do you support the proposal for a cable car on Mt Wellington?" Respondents were selected at random from the White Pages.

The grey columns reveal support from 1000 respondents recorded at five times more than those oppose if the proponent meets various conditions, such as:

  1. ensure it is privately funded,
  2. start in South Hobart or Lenah Valley,
  3. build a pinnacle centre below the summit,
  4. provide free public facilities at the pinnacle,
  5. minimise visual impact,
  6. keep the road open to all.

The green columns reveal support from 2646 respondents is recorded at over twice than those who oppose if there are no clear conditions imposed. Naturally, the number of undecided respondents more than double.

Even with this strong unconditional result, MWCC's entire ethos, the feasibility of our business plan and preliminary proposal have been tested upon us meeting seven key conditions, including those listed above.

Tasmanian sentiment

Source: ^EMRS, *ReachTel

EMRS survey respondent demographics [Click to enlarge]


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