To develop and operate a unique and iconic visitor experience that is economically-sound, environmentally-beneficial and socially inclusive for all visitors and which enhances the appreciation, enjoyment and preservation of intrinsic values inherent at the pinnacle and foothills of kunanyi / Mt Wellington.

MWCC measures success with a quadruple-bottom-line ethos, balancing our focus equally between environmental care, social inclusion, cultural vitality and economic returns.



To become and remain the Number One most recommended tourism destination in Tasmania.

To grow Tasmania’s overall tourism appeal and be continually recognised for outstanding environmental stewardship, fair social practice and strong corporate responsibility.


Our Approach

Design Diaries

Get to know the amazing Tasmanian design duo from two of Hobart's award-winning Architectural practices, as they get to know the intricacies of the Project Site.

Get to know the founding principles of this exciting venture from our Project Lead Adrian Bold, as he shares our intentions and balanced approach to finding the most appropriate solution for the mountain.